Binghamton University Art & Design

May 14, 2019

Final Project: Web Design

I make a cosmestics brand online shopping website and it's all about skincare and makeup. It has the brand name and brand logo, all products are branded as well. There are quick links under each product so customers can click on and quick shop through the links.

May 14, 2019

Final Project: UX Project

I make a journey map of new students at Binghamton University. Comes out with some of their most important questions and problems they may have for the first coming school year. One of the most necessary problem for them is housing, they need more on-campus housing information.

Here is the origianl wireframes of Binghamton residental life website. I simply use the colors and shapes to represent all images, videos, titles and texts on the website.

And here is the improved wireframes I make based on the origianl one. I noticed the orgianal website missed some links that should were supposed to be there. Therefore, I add some links under the images or videos and housing application.

This is the sitemap of the original website.

And here is the improved sitemap based on the original one.

And here is the improved sitemap based on the original one.

April 01, 2019

Project 2: Style Guide

Color Palette

I personally very like skincare and makeup things, so I decide to create a cosmestics brand which sells beauty products to women. Mask is the name of my brand, and I create a shape of mask as my logo. In order to keep my design style simple and neat, I try to limite the colors and fonts using. There are only two colors are used besides black and white, and two fonts.

Febuary 26, 2019

Project 2: Line Icons

The reason why I choose to make a lipstick icon is because I like makeup things and I am very interested in cosmestics, so I made an CHANEL lipstick icon.

Febuary 06, 2019

Project 1: Poster

Poster re-design: Using colors to make the poster pop out and attract people. Minimize the texts, try to only leave the most important information such as date, time and location which can make it much more clear and easier for people to see.

January 24, 2019

Project 1: Post Card

I try to make a very playful and colorful post card which can be a cartoon style. I also play around a bit with letters by emphasizing "HELLO" in different colors, setting the background and other letters in black and white which can help "HELLO" stand out more.